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Local SEO Coaching: Learn how to optimize and grow your online presence yourself from a local expert. Stop overpaying for Local SEO!

Welcome. The service offered on this website is a personalized local SEO coaching session for local small business owners who are looking to grow online but don’t necessarily have a steady monthly marketing budget. You don’t need an agency! There are many aspects of your local marketing that you can learn and operate yourself.

Check out this video including an actual SEO tip to get you better rankings and traffic WHILE bringing you traffic instantly from day #1!!


Patrick Scully SEO Services - Waxhaw, Matthews, Weddington, Stallings, Monroe, Marvin, Wesley Chapel Search Engine OptimizationMy name is Patrick Scully, I have been building and marketing websites for over a decade and I am now giving back to local businesses by providing expert services at affordable prices.

I have founded or co-founded:

  • a premium digital marketing agency with global clients
  • a SaaS startup with customers in 50+ countries and raising $1mm+
  • a vibrant online digital marketing community

If you are starting or have recently started a service based business for the communities listed above I would be happy to offer you high quality, high return SEO and web design services for your business.

If you are a SaaS business or funded Startup or a business doing $1mm or more in annual revenue you need an agency to manage your marketing and be creative on your behalf – that marketing agency is here.

If you are a plumbing service, electrician, builder, carpet cleaner, pressure washer, mobile car detailer, painter, etc. THIS SERVICE IS FOR YOU.

This is a give back service. This is a jab. Not a right hook. (shout out: Gary Vaynerchuk).

Here is what you don’t need right off the bat:

  • monthly Local SEO link building and services
  • a $10,000+ custom website built
  • a huge daily advertising budget

When I google for businesses in my home area I want to find the best. Currently, I am not. The search results are crowded with mediocre businesses.

Let’s clean up the local search results together. Are you a high-quality service provider? You NEED a modern responsive website and good Google rankings.

Get both here. For less.

What’s my goal with this project?

I want to help out all you entrepreneurs get a leg up for your business in 2017. I want you to dominate Google and social media. I am giving back. I am helping out. I am meeting and working with the coolest business owners in the area. If you are grumpy or disenchanted with online marketing, that is fine, I am happy to have a discussion but I want to work with positive, optimistic business owners ready for explosive business growth. If you are going to call me after one day and say “Where’s my money?” – THIS SERVICE IS NOT FOR YOU.

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Some will sell you pricey monthly SEO subscriptions. Others will sell you expensive websites.  That’s fine if you want to go that route.

This SEO service is different. Because Search engine optimization has changed. The way we optimize websites and promote businesses online this year has changed drastically and unfortunately a lot of the larger SEO providers have not caught up.

Here’s what they will discuss with you:

  • Adding a few backlinks per month
  • Fixing your business citations
  • Adding a blog post or two
  • Sending you a report

Sounds good, right? However, you won’t ever really see any results from that service. You will wait 3 months and ask them for an update.  You will wait 6 months and start to get impatient.

Blogs are awesome. They are a very efficient and effective way of driving new traffic from search engines to your website.  But adding 2 blog posts per month to a new website with no brand authority or market recognition is pointless.

Here’s what I will discuss with you:

  • your business reputation
  • your’s brands impact on your audience
  • creating rich content
  • lead conversion tactics

We will fix or set up your Local SEO in just 1 month. This is not a recurring service.  We do the basics and we do them right.  If you are targeting the cities and townships above then this service will get you ranking no problem. We are not gaming the system, we are giving Google exactly what they want.

If you are targeting Charlotte, things get a little more complicated. There is a lot of competition and you are pretty much always starting from behind.

Certifications in the following areas of Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Services for Suburbs of Charlotte, NC

Download my Google certification of Online Proficiency

Why am I providing an affordable, one-time Local SEO service?

Why am I offering a one-time service instead of a monthly service? Wouldn’t I make more money if I offer a monthly subscription payment plan? Sure. Of course. But I already run a large digital marketing agency and I already have large major clients with massive marketing and advertising spends. So I don’t need to negatively impact your bottom line, just to positively impact mine.

A lot of “SEO Companies” have popped up in Charlotte over the last couple years. Most are resellers. I do not want the good business owners who serve the excellent suburbs of Charlotte to pay $500/mo for a service that is outsourced to the Philippines. Trust me, I know every single white label SEO provider; most I know personally.  Let those companies handle cities like Houston or Atlanta – where there are way too many businesses to handle and local SEO is just a mess.  In South Charlotte we have an opportunity to fill our local search results with literally THE BEST BUSINESSES AROUND. Imagine that.

If you are one the best businesses in Waxhaw, Weddington, Wesley Chapel, Marvin, Stallings, Matthews, Monroe or Fort Mill – I want to hear from you!

You should invest in local SEO to get the basics done right. If Google does not trust your business then you will never be ranked or get traffic from them. A local SEO expert knows how to build that trust. We have developed a system to do this very quickly leaving your budget available for more impactful spending like Facebook Ads or video marketing.

Get Started w/ a SEO Services Consultation

To get started please click here.  This is to have a free, relaxed marketing chat with Patrick Scully – owner and Co-founder of Possible Web, Crush Local SEO, Better Marketing Habits and several other start-ups.

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  • Patrick really knows his stuff when it comes to search engine optimization and social media marketing. He has helped me launch and grow my clothing business from a local hobby to daily sales and new customers from around the country. Alyssa Campbell 01/18/2017

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